Nutritional Consultation

Duration 15 minutes - complementary

Nutritionists work in different ways and it is important that you establish a good relationship with a nutritionist that will help achieve and maintain your goals. Before choosing a nutritionist it can be helpful to have an initial conversation to get a sense of how they work, and discuss any concerns you may have. 

Nutritional Consultation

Duration 30 - 60 minutes

A holistic nutritionist looks at the unique nutritional needs of each person and observes the way that they react to different foods. They will look at your biochemical identity, history, lifestyle and digestion in order to create a customized plan for you.


  • Uncovering hidden food intolerance

  • Replacement of allergens and balancing nutrient intake

  • Digestive conditions (IBD/IBS/C&C)

  • Difficulty sleeping, food cravings, skin reactions and anxiety 

  • Meal planning and nutritional supplements

  • In home visits & help with food shopping/planning

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