Virtual Physiotherapy

Duration 30 - 45 minutes


It can be a challenge to attend in-person Physiotherapy sessions on a regular basis. We offer options that are flexible for busy schedules, and allow you to complete therapy from wherever you’re most comfortable.

In-person Physiotherapy

Duration 30 - 45 minutes



This massage will include a focus on specific areas of tension or muscle pain. The Massage Therapist will tailor the treatment and pressure to your therapeutic goals. light to firm pressure to activate relaxation and muscle relief. 

Physical Therapy Session

You want one-on-one care, and with the right physiotherapist. All our physical therapy sessions are one-on-one in private rooms with an experienced Registered Physiotherapist. 1-on-1 expert care. No assistants, no double-booking, and no premium fees. The result is more personalized therapy, more effective treatment, faster recovery, and greater value.

Administration Fees
$27 per 15 minutes 

Administration fees will apply for professional report writing, duplicate receipts, chart copies and correspondence with other professionals. Additional postage and/or travel fees may apply.

Treatment time includes health interview, assessment/re-assessment & remedial exercises 

After payment, all services will be issued a receipt that can be used for insurance purposes.