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Initial Kinesiology/Training Assessment

Duration 45 minutes


During your first visit, the kinesiologist will discuss the reason for your visit and review your health history. Next, they will complete an assessment to determine your current level of strength, range of motion, and muscle activation patterns. The therapist may also use functional movement screening to assist in their exam. The results of the assessment will be discussed with you and used to prescribe exercises that will assist in reaching your specific goals. An exercise home program will also be developed, practiced, and provided.

Kinesiology Taping Session

Duration 15-30 minutes


Athletic taping is the process of applying tape to the skin in order to increase the support and stability of joints and muscles during physical activity. This can significantly reduce irritation and pain caused by inflammation and instability. Taping allows individuals to stay active during a recovery from a sprain or overuse injury without risking further injury. 

Common injuries that can benefit from athletic taping: Low back pain, Knee pain, Shoulder pain, Sprained ankle, Tennis elbow and/or Golfer’s elbow, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Labral tears, Biceps and triceps tears, Elbow sprains, Postural correction and much more.

Physical Therapy Session

Administration Fees
$27 per 15 minutes 

Kinesiotherapy (Movement Therapy), is a part of Kinesiology, which is a regulated health care profession in Ontario. With extensive knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics of the body, Kinesiologists use exercise to target specific areas of the body to address muscular imbalance or weakness, movement restrictions, or lack of stability.

Administration fees will apply for professional report writing, duplicate receipts, chart copies and correspondence with other professionals. Additional postage and/or travel fees may apply.

Treatment time includes health interview, assessment/re-assessment & remedial exercises 

After payment, all services will be issued a receipt that can be used for insurance purposes if applicable.

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