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Duration 30 minutes - 60 minutes

Assessment: A biomechanical and gait evaluation is done to assess how the muscles and joints are functioning. Next, an evaluation of the most common shoes worn is done to get a good base of historic gait patterns. Based on the findings, treatment options of exercise prescription, footwear, and/or custom-made orthotics are presented. We are here to educate and provide options, but your health is in your hands!


Assessment plus orthotics: The same process of a thorough assessment is completed and then a 3-dimensional cast of the feet is done in order to make the custom-made orthotics in our in-house lab. The two types of casting we do are slipper plaster cast and foam box molds. 


Bracing: Custom or off-the-shelf knee or ankle bracing. Common reasons for use are post-operative, chronic joint issues or prophylactic

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